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  • It seems like you’re describing a facility or an accommodation with different levels of care and room options. Let me break down the terms:

    1. 30 Bedded Hall:
    – This indicates a large hall or area that can accommodate 20 beds. It suggests a communal living arrangement where individuals may have shared facilities and space.

    2. Extra Care:
    – This likely refers to an upgraded level of service or attention. In this context, there may be specific amenities or services provided to individuals opting for “extra care.”

    3. VIP Room (3 sharing):
    – This suggests a room with a higher level of comfort and possibly additional amenities compared to standard accommodations. The room is designed for three individuals who will share the space. The term “VIP” implies a level of exclusivity or special treatment.

    4. Super Extra Care:
    – This is an even higher level of care than the “extra care” mentioned earlier. It implies a more intensive and personalized level of service.

    5. VVIP Room (single):
    – This is likely the most exclusive and private accommodation option. “VVIP” stands for “Very Very Important Person,” and in this context, it suggests a room designed for a single individual with a high level of luxury, privacy, and special attention.

    6. Extra Charges as per Facility:
    – This means that the additional care and amenities provided in the VIP and VVIP rooms come at an extra cost. The charges are likely based on the level of care and the facilities provided in each room type.

    In summary, the facility offers different levels of care and accommodation options, ranging from a communal 20-bed hall to more exclusive VIP and VVIP rooms. The cost increases with the level of care and the amenities provided in each room category.